Mission Statement

Our primary commitment is to provide professional, competitive and expert services, with the understanding that true support must contribute to our customers’ success, and thereby enable them to achieve high quality. We adhere to the following principles:
Our motivated teams work within a multi-system network, working with all relevant parties to facilitate the seamless delivery of value-added goods and services to our customers.
Our integrated teams ensure excellence and fairness for all qualified potential suppliers, who are extended an opportunity to compete.
We ensure that all purchasing transactions are processed in a timely and cost-effective manner that best meets the customer’s requirements and provides added value.
As a dynamic company, we anticipate emerging needs and deliver exceptional service anywhere, anytime and at a reasonable cost, based on comprehensive knowledge of global markets.
We achieve excellence in customer service by working closely with our end users to delight them and with vendors to improve procurement support and create business opportunities.
We embrace change as a means to continuous improvement and greater effectiveness. Using constant innovation, we will consistently seek ‘best value’ procurement solutions for our customers.
We harness the constantly changing environment of technology to maximize purchasing services efficiency, productivity, and accountability.
We understand that “our customers are our neighbors,” and maintain regular contact with them. We work closely with them to maintain our outstanding customer service, and consistently exceed their expectations.
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